15 October 2014

One World Futbol hired Sam Kauffmann to travel to Rwanda, Ethiopia and Kenya to shoot mini docs that show how the company's ultra durable soccer balls are transforming children's lives. Click on this link to watch the Ethiopia mini doc.

16 July 2014

UNICEF TV SPECIAL - Sam Kauffmann's two films about HIV positive children in Africa were featured in a 90-minute Dutch television special. The television producers flew Sam to Amsterdam to interview him during the taping before a live audience. The special was broadcast nationally on July 16.

1 December 2013

Behind the Doc Lens TV series on the web devotes its most recent episode to an interview with filmmaker Sam Kauffmann. Kauffmann talks about how he made the award-winning documentary Massacre at Murambi, which he filmed in Rwanda and which aired on P.O.V. Click on the website link to watch the interview. Behind the Doc Lens focusses on the work of some of New England's most well-known documentary filmmakers.

22 August 2013

Rachel Descending wins the award for Best Narrative Short at the Columbia Gorge International Film Festival.

28 May 2013

You Want More Guns? is a shocking look at who benefits when the N.R.A and Congress block background checks for gun purchases. Click on the YouTube link It's only 2 minutes long. My students helped me make this film in the hope that maybe shock and truth will work, since common sense sure hasn't.

3 April 2013

Rachel Descending wins an Accolade Award in the short film category. This is a world-wide competition honoring the best films from around the globe. Visit the website to find out more information about the film and upcoming screenings.

14 March 2013

Massacre at Murambi, which aired on the PBS series P.O.V., has reached over 1,200,000 viewers on YouTube.

5 years ago, The Media That Matters Film Festival posted Massacre at Murambi on their YouTube site. Since then over eight hundred viewers have joined the discussion about the film and what it says about our participation in the Rwandan Genocide.

14 October 2012

Where's The Bloody Money? airs on the PBS program, "Shorts Showcase," which features the best short films from around the world. Visit the website to find out more information about the film and upcoming screenings.

12 July 2012

The 5th Edition of Avid Editing: A Guide to Beginning and Intermediate Users has just been published by Focal Press.

The book is available at A former top editing student of mine, Ashley Kennedy, helped me write this edition and is the book's co-author. It's all about Media Composer 6.

21 May 2012

Where's The Bloody Money? wins Best Cinematography Award at the 15 MINUTES OF FAME Film Festival and the Award of Merit at the BEST SHORTS COMPETITION. Visit the website to find out more information about the film and upcoming screenings.

Starring Alicia Barrett, Emma Gruttadauria, and Colin Turtle. The film, about a bank heist gone wrong, was shot by a group of my current and former Boston University film students.

24 May 2011

Kids Living with Slim was a finalist at the Africa World Documentary Festival in St. Louis, Missouri. It screened on Saturday, May 14, at the Missouri History Museum.

26 April 2011

Kids Living with Slim was showcased at the Al Jazeera International Documentary Film Festival in Doha, Qatar, April 21-24. Sam Kauffmann attended the festival and spoke about the film following the screening.

16 February 2011

The Huffington Post and The Chronicle of Higher Education write about our campaign to end the misuse of the SAT and ACT tests. Both publications featured our short film in their articles and drew attention to the issues we raise about the biases found in both the SAT and ACT tests. To watch the film click here.

4 January 2011

Start of a Campaign to End the Misuse of SAT and ACT tests

My daughter Allie (17) and I just launched a website and short film that exposes the many biases that make the SAT and ACT tests unfair to millions of Americans. Please visit the website and sign the petition! To go to the website click here.

7 December 2010

Kids Living with Slim wins CINE Golden Eagle Award

The CINE Golden Eagle Awards are given for excellence in professional and independent filmmaking and are recognized internationally as symbols of the highest standards in film and television production.

1 December 2010

Kids Living with Slim shown at MFA on World AIDS Day

On Wednesday, December 1, the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston will hold a special screening of "Kids Living with Slim." The show will start at 7 pm in the Remis Auditoium.

1 October 2010

Kids Living with Slim Trailer Screens at Black Ball

The Black Ball takes place annually in NYC and is the year's biggest fundraiser for the AIDS organization Keep A Child Alive. Immediately following the screening of the six-minute trailer, 160 people stood up and pledged $1000. Actress Uma Thurman collected the pledges and then Alicia Keys, Jay-Z, Sade and Janelle Monae entertained the packed ballroom.

17 September 2010

Kids Living with Slim Screens at BU International Health Film Series

The students who are part of the International Health program at the School of Public Health participated in a screening and discussion of the issues surrounding HIV/AIDS. KIDS LIVING WITH SLIM served as the kickoff to a semester long series of films on international health issues.

2 August 2010

Kids Living with Slim screens at One Love Conference

One Love is a conference for young people living with HIV from all over New England. The screening was extremely emotional for many because the issues facing the children in Africa are so similar to the issues they face: stigma, the daily drug regimen, disclosing to friends and partners, worries about the future. Several participants said their attitudes toward their status has changed since watching the film. One young woman, who admitted not following her daily drug regimen, said that watching the African children take their drugs faithfully has convinced her to take her drugs every day.

July 2010

Kids Living with Slim at ZIFF

The Zanzibar International Film Festival screened KIDS LIVING WITH SLIM as part of its 2010 festival. It played to a packed theatre in the famous House of Wonders in Stonetown.

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1 April 2010

A Spanish translation of my book Avid Editing was just published by Anaya Multimedia.

25 December 2009

Chinese and Russian translations of my book Avid Editing were recently published (in China and Russia).

21 April 2009

The John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation announced today that Sam Kauffmann has been selected as a Guggenheim Fellow in the Creative Arts category for his work in film. Fellowships are awarded to artists, scientist and scholars. This year the 180 successful candidates were chosen from a group of almost 3,000 applicants.

Read recent reviews and articles about Massacre at Murambi

If you'd like to purchase a DVD copy click here.

For more information, view the Massacre at Murambi films page.

Living with Slim in use by international organizations

Living with Slim is now used by organizations all over the world in their battle to combat the AIDS pandemic. Here's an updated list of organizations that use Slim in their work:

Clinton HIV/AIDS Initiative
American Foundation for Children with AIDS
Children's Investment Fund Foundation London
Catholic Relief Services
Physicians for Human Rights
Project Hope
The CORE Group
World Vision
Keep a Child Alive
Foundation for Hospices in Sub-Sahara Africa
Institute for Health Care Improvement
Ugandan Ministry of Health
Cathedral Church of St. Paul, Boston
Population Services International
Plan USA
Health Research Institute
Oxford University Global Health Group
Global Alliance to Immunize against AIDS
Global AIDS Interfaith Alliance
Institute for Healthcare Improvement
Bishop Masereka Christian Foundation
Christian Reformed World Relief Committee
Baylor Medical School
Columbia University
Johns Hopkins School of Public Health
UNC - Chapel Hill
University of Manitoba School of Nursing
University of Pittsburgh Medical School
Boston University - Krasker Library
University of Washington
Wheaton College
Winthrop University
Yale Center for Interdisciplinary Research on AIDS


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